Super Clean Tank  eliminates carbon and baked-on fats from commercial kitchens. In addition to providing a cleaner and more hygienic working environment, Super Clean Tank provides substantial cost savings in the form of reduced chemical supplies, less labour time, reduced water and gas bills and savings on replacement kitchen utensils.


Super Clean Tank  is a breakthrough product in that it is not acidic, toxic or corrosive. It uses an exclusive biodegradable alkaline detergent called Supersafe that is not harmful to the environment. It is caustic free making the workplace a safer place. Super Clean Tank works for you 24/7.


Super Clean Tank  has met with great success in Australia and can be found in major hotels, restaurants, fast food outlets, clubs, catering companies and venues.


Restaurants and Food Factories include icons such as Rockpool, Otto, Quay Ivy, Establishment, Meat and Wine Co, The Argyle and many more.


Hotels include the Shangri La, Westin, Sheraton, Holiday Inns, Hilton, Marriott and Stamford Groups and many more





We are an innovative company and our tanks are manufactured to the highest quality standards using food grade Stainless Steel with safety being paramount in our design. We utilise a lid safety locking mechanism which prevents injuries as well as a user friendly load basket designed to make the process of removing heavy equipment (grills/filters etc) an easy one. Our Tanks are double walled fully insulated, thermostatically controlled to use less electricity. All that is required is a standard 240V 10 amp plug point. Our Tanks are on wheels making installation quick and easy. 


Super Clean Tank is designed with efficiency, low running cost and ease of use.

Super Clean Tank success is based on its ability to clean and sanitise a kitchen in a way far superior to competitive products. Workers compensation risks are significantly lowered due to the fact that no raw chemicals need to be handled. 


Super Clean Tank pricing structure is based upon a per month price.


Price savings are made through:


 >  Reduced chemical usage.

 >  Reduced washing utensils (steel wool , sponges etc)

 >  Reduced labour costs (no manual scrubbing with dangerous chemicals
     to get rid of carbon).


As carbon prevents heat from being distributed evenly, The Super Clean Tank system will facilitate better cooked food products as well as saving on replacement costs of hard goods.

Super Clean Tank
Super Clean Tank
Super Clean Tank