The Super Clean Tank eliminates scrubbing time, reducing daily stewarding department work. As a guide this can be up to  3 or more hours depending on your kitchen size with current labour cost per hour this is a huge savings. Eliminates work for staff members, which can either be used to reduce overhead or improve the bottom line.

From day one, our Super Clean Tank System will lower your kitchen overhead saving you thousands of $$ a year.



The Super Clean Tank System can save a single kitchen location thousands of $$ per year in energy costs.

Kitchens can use up to 3 times more energy than other commercial facilities. Much of this energy comes from heating water to clean equipment as well as heating stoves to cook food.

Standard 3-compartment sinks and power sinks must be regularly refilled with hot water to maintain the appropriate sanitary conditions, and dish and pot washer machines dispose of the heated water with each washing cycle. 

The equipment cleaned in traditional sinks does not remove  the baked on coated carbon crust and that makes them harder to heat on a stovetop, creating an inefficient cooking process that wastes gas and or electricity.

The Super Clean Tank System Double walled insulated Tank is Thermostatically controlled so water is kept at a constant 75  degrees and equipment comes out perfectly clean and sanitised. By using The Super Clean Tank System  you potentially eliminate the need to heat up to Thousands of Litres of running hot water per year and save Kw-hours used per year.



You can save Thousands of Litres of water per year using The Super Clean Tank. The SuperTank utilises the least amount of water for optimal cleaning results, keeping water at a constant 75 degrees that is critical for sanitary cleaning this keeps your kitchen equipment bacteria-free. And because our cleaning detergent is completely biodegradable, you can safely dispose of used water in kitchen drains.

Super Clean Tank
Super Clean Tank