Super Clean Tank  operates on a simple load basket system. Results are immediately noticeable and all parts can be cleaned in less than 60 minutes. The tank is thermostatically controlled at approximately 70 degrees celsius. 


Super Clean Safe detergent remains active for thirty days and only needs to be changed once a month. The detergent is biodegradable and is disposed of via the grease trap sewer drain.


Super Clean Safe has a strong and standard version, the latter being suitable for cleaning aluminium items.




We offer the choice of two different proprietary detergents that have been designed to exacting specifications to reduce soak times with much better cleaning results. These HACCP certified detergents are manufactured in Australia satisfying all Australian compliant regulations. Our FOOD SAFE Super Safe and Alu-Safe are non-caustic, biodegradable alkaline powder, thus making the kitchen a much safer, cleaner and more hygienic working environment. 

Super Clean Tank

We will gladly offer you a 10 day free trial period* to allow you to experience first hand the most advanced cleaning solution, with substantial cost savings in the form of reduced water and gas bill, less labour and reduced chemical supplies.


Items that can be cleaned include: grills, gas cooking tops, hood filters, baking trays, fry baskets, pans, pots, oven racks and other stainless, aluminium or cast iron items.