The Super Clean Tank System:


 > Will reduce labour costs, save dollars on chemicals and replacement parts,
     as well as save water. Far surpasses conventional cleaning methods and              eliminates the use of caustic, resulting in a safer, more hygienic working                environment and therefore better product.

 > Operates 24 / 7 with a service cycle interval of about 4 weeks.

 > Will not cause damage to the parent material.

 > Cleans range hood / extraction filters removing oil and grease thereby reducing     the risk of fire.

 > Features the most user-friendly tank with all safety issues being taken care of,     in line with stringent Occupational Health and Safety Standards.


 > Detergents are Biodegradable, Non Toxic, Non Corrosive and Environmentally     friendly.


 > Is safe and easy to use.

 > Keeps kitchen equipment and utensils in optimum condition and thus provides     for a longer life span.


 > Used to clean grills, stove tops / gas cooking rings, gastronomic trays, as well       as pot and pans etc.

 > Eliminates the need for scrubbing, thus allowing staff to concentrate on other       chores within the kitchen.

 > Cleans all stainless steel, cast iron and aluminium equipment.


 > Various tank sizes to meet the requirements of all establishments.


Super Clean Tank
Super Clean Tank